Strategy and Organization Development

Banks Bellwether helps leaders and organizations to be more effective,
so their impact is greater.

Our Mission: We provide strategic planning, organization development, and strategy execution consulting to mission-driven organizations, with a focus on organizations in transition.

Our Vision: Our client organizations are celebrated as strong contributors to positive social change because the strategies and plans they create effectively advance their organizations’ mission and goals, whether those are in health and health care reform, social service, or a vibrant economy.

Working with Banks Bellwether is different because:

  • We’ve Walked The Walk: Our consulting practice is informed by academic training, but grounded in real-life leadership experiences. We are skilled OD practitioners whose techniques have been tested on the job in executive leadership roles.
  • We Start With Strengths: We look for strengths to leverage, and we are committed to helping all leaders reach their potential. We offer compassionate consulting, emphasizing strong relational skills and keen observation of the interpersonal in the workplace.
  • We Build Your Capacity: We aim to leave your organization stronger and smarter as a result of our engagement.
  • We Invite Everyone In: We skillfully facilitate diverse groups, to get the best from everyone.